Jim Vreeland

Accomplishments while employed by Synapse Computer Services (10/1998 thru 05/1999)

Project Management

Managed staff of two systems programmers during Y2K remediation to SKF’s production LPARS

Planned and implemented upgrades to OS/390, CICS, DB/2, IMS and 3rd party software products

Advised and participated in successful physical move of mainframe and peripheral equipment from King of Prussia PA to Norristown PA

Database Administration

Performed DB2 System Admin and support for three SKF companies

Upgraded QMF from V2 to V3 and installed as a CICS application

Customized CICS interfaces to DB2

Tuned system databases and customized ZPARMS

Security Administration

Converted multiple RACF databases to restructured format

Supported home-grown exits and code which propagated password changes throughout the SKF network

Upgraded RACF to Y2K levels during OS/390 upgrade

Implemented RACF security for DASD management functions


Provided mainframe support for Synapse’s client base in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania


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