Jim Vreeland

Accomplishments while contracted to Electronic Data Systems  (12/2001 thru 12/2002)

Mainframe Systems

Provided 24x7 mainframe support for three SKF companies

Participated in OS/390 to z/OS upgrade

Assisted in conversion of OEM software products to EDS standard offerings

Designed SMS environment for production LPARS

Established enterprise printing solution using IBM Infoprint/Server

Upgraded tape solution from 3480 to 3490 for mainframe workload transition

Disaster Recovery

Implemented and tested business continuity procedures for SKF critical mainframe applications

Database Administration

Standardized the configuration of six DB/2 instances across three LPARS

Reconfigured DB2 catalog to segregate system data from application data for disaster recovery purposes

Implemented DB2/Connect for data sharing between mainframe and AS/400

Installed z/OS toleration service for DB/2 via SMP/E to prepare for O/S upgrade

Security Administration

Created security matrix establishing content and ownership of all mainframe resources and user groups

Activated and customized appropriate security classes for MQ/Series installation

Implemented security policies for EDS tech support groups during workload transition

Designed RACF / SDSF security configuration for local and remote operations groups

Administered DB2 security

Project Management

Organized and participated in transition of mainframe workloads for three SKF companies from Trooper PA to Charlotte NC

Performance Tuning

Performed tuning on I/O subsystem after workload move using RMF data

Updated IPS/ICS parameters to reflect change from multi-processor to uni-processor

Directed extensive CICS tuning effort to identify and correct long running IRC transactions


Created end-to-end response time profiles to measure the effect of mainframe workload transition

Assisted SKF and EDS management with billing issues using home-grown utilities


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