Jim Vreeland

Accomplishments while employed by Carpenter Technology (06/1990 thru 10/1998)

Mainframe Systems

Installed multiple upgrades to MVS, CICS and 3rd party products

Designed and implemented SMS storage policies that ensured efficient use of DASD and tape resources and retention of critical data

Implemented and documented backup and recovery processes for corporate LAN servers using IBM ADSM

Project Management

Implemented Magstar tape solution for mainframe and AIX platforms which consisted of research; negotiation; recommendation to senior management; acquisition of assets; planning for installation; scheduling of resources; activation in production environments

Participated as Technical Project Leader of corporate Y2K readiness team

Coordinated several CPU upgrades including; negotiation of terms with hardware/software vendors; workload modeling; installation into production environment

Solutions Development

Designed and coded Netview automation routines using REXX and IBM Infoman to track problems and respond to console messages

Implemented IBM Solution Evaluation Tool and developed scripts to unit test, system test and stress test internally developed client/server applications

Negotiated Service Level Agreements with I/T and End User departments; presented results to senior management; designed and implemented reporting mechanisms

Performance Tuning / Capacity Planning

Organized an MVS/ESA exploitation effort by writing custom software to examine system statistics and use data-in-memory concepts to decrease over-night run times

Led a team that examined all components of a three-tiered multi-vendor client/server application that was suffering response time problems; improved response time to acceptable levels and allowed implementation to proceed

Participated in multiple continuous improvement teams to monitor and improve CICS transaction response time

Purchased and installed IBM 3990-6 cached DASD controller to improve I/O throughput

Researched SNA network performance using IBM’s NPM product; identified bottlenecks; upgraded SNA network controllers to correct the problems

Organized regularly scheduled capacity planning meetings with senior management

Attended Cheryl Watson’s Performance / Tuning and WLM workshop

Disaster Recovery

Re-designed DASD pools to ensure successful off-site backup strategy

Instituted backup plan which guaranteed total protection of corporate data

Led multiple successful D/R drills

Database Administration

Installed and implemented multiple DB2 instances

Performed extensive tuning on application databases to improve access times

Joined team of developers during roll out of corporate QMF based application

Monitored DB2 performance using IBM’s DB2PM product as well as RMF and TMON/MVS monitors

Implemented DB2/Connect to allow SNA access to mainframe databases

Worked with development team and IBM to establish ODBC use of mainframe databases using COGNOS

Security Administration

Implemented Global Access Checking in RACF to reduce I/O contention and improve system throughput

Utilized RACF to provide internal DB2 security

Interfaced with internal auditors to define security policies and resource ownership

Examined SMF data on-demand to identify security violations

Converted TSO from UADS to RACF security

Trained Helpdesk and support groups in RACF

Converted to RACF restructured database


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