Jim Vreeland

Accomplishments while employed by Clark County School District (09/1986 thru 05/1990)

Mainframe Systems

Lead technical resource on a VM/VSE to MVS conversion

Solely responsible for all MVS, CICS, VTAM, RACF, and DB2 installation and customization

Designed and implemented source code management processes and procedures using IBM ISPF LMF feature

Implemented MVS and DFP exits to control DASD allocation


Trained on-site technical staff in MVS, VTAM and NCP

Security Administration

Installed RACF and organized a hierarchy which allowed group level administration of security functions

Setup security profiles for multiple CICS regions

Designed and implemented DADSM IGGPRE00 and RACF DASD classes to secure allocation of datasets

Established DB2 security using internal mechanisms

Database Administration

Installed and maintained DB/2 using SMP/E

Customized DB/2 including; physical layout; backup/recovery; logging & journaling; operational procedures

Implemented CICS connections to DB2

Trained DBA’s and created utilities to allow them to load data into DB2

Created compile procs for development staff

Installed and customized QMF and trained development staff in its use

Customized CSP (IBM application generator) to access DB2 databases

Implemented table design for district wide budget project


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