Jim Vreeland

Accomplishments while contracted to Blue Cross of Northeast Pennsylvania (11/2003 thru present)

Mainframe Systems

Lead technical consultant for a successful data center migration

Created detailed migration script and schedule

Implemented IBM Magstar / Virtual Tape subsystems and ESS (Shark) DASD subsystem

Designed z800 configuration

Customized OSA express for TCP/IP access

Re-configured multiple CICS regions into leveraged MRO environments

Installed, customized and implemented multiple 3rd party products in support of z/OS 1.4 upgrade

Customized and documented all components of z/OS 1.4

Designed and successfully implemented the cut over script for z/OS 1.4 upgrade

Re-designed the entire mainframe storage environment using SMS and HSM

z/OS 1.7 upgrade responsibilities included upgrade of multiple 3rd party products and onsite support

Implemented DS8100 DASD subsystem

Disaster Recovery

Participated in planning and execution of multiple Mainframe Disaster Recovery exercises



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